About Us

Accenzes Project Management Private Limited Chennai, is a dynamic Project Management Consultancy services managed by a group of highly qualified project management professionals with excellent knowledge, technical skills, and experience. Established in 1999, Accenzes Project Management has been providing high quality and proven project management procedures that make a real difference to the efficient delivery of the projects.

Customer service and value creation are fundamentals to the success of Accenzes Project Management. Our track record of project delivery success through innovative approaches and initiatives ensure effective execution of our strategies that forms the crucial link between the objectives and performances of our clients. We act as catalysts to enable our clients achieve their goals using holistic principles, processes, tools, and technology.

As Project Management, we possess the knowledge, technical skills, and experience to deal with every aspect of our Project Management and ensure that each project receives the careful attention it requires. Each year, we complete hundreds of successful assignments with clients across a wide cross-section of industries. Equipped with excellent market knowledge, industry procedures and global Project Management trends and practices make us one of the best Project Management in the industry.

With our proven capabilities that include both oversight and review services specifically structured to support our clients accomplish mission-critical projects on time with utmost satisfaction, we will facilitate our resources, expertise and the creative processes to execute these mega projects. As a strategic advisory, we act as an out-sourced business unit and encourage proactive ideation that results in maximizing the return on investment.

Headquartered in Chennai, we translate our resources in to success to help our clients realize their dreams. Our team of qualified professionals from varied backgrounds possesses the expertise and the capability to understand the full spectrum of perspectives, design the projects with your objectives in mind and execute them with precision.

With over one thousand employees (including employees of partner and affiliated firms), we are operating in 4 states in India besides steadily increasing our global presence.

We do not exist without our clients – and we never lose sight of this fact. To that end, our employees in every office around the world live by these simple guidelines:

  • Client’s goals and needs first.
  • Enabling the clients with most informed Project Management decisions.
  • Customized services to suit each client’s needs to deliver top results