We have specialized in executing retail projects. We represent across the length and breadth of India with over 400 professionals. As a focused provider of integrated products and services – including strategy, management, finance and brokerage – we create customized solutions for our clients’ retail real estate needs.

Our goal is simple. We partner with our clients to understand their business objectives and create innovative ways to optimize the value of their real estate assets. As a truly global, full-service real estate services provider, we are uniquely qualified to handle every client request and to anticipate unarticulated needs, no matter how large or complex.

The visionary solutions we create are adding value for our clients and making quantifiable differences in their bottom line.

Retailer Service

We know that every retailer is unique. Whether our client has one location or a thousand, whether their interest is acquisition or disposition, we have the solutions to meet their individual needs.

Our professionals, experts in retail industry are strategically positioned around the world to handle the assignments, both regional and multi-market, with insight into the latest market trends. Whatever may be the need, we can seamlessly offer the right solution.

Our proprietary and industry-leading research and technological tools, including operational and competitive analyses, demographic studies, tenant mix comparisons and computerized tracking/reporting software, are an invaluable part of our clients’ decision-making processes. It is this kind of flexibility that makes our professionals much more than agents or brokers — they are our clients’ business partners.

We provide the following services:
Key Market Identification.
Store Placement Strategy.
Competitive Analysis.
Mapping Tools.
Tenant Mix Synergy.
Trade Area Trends.
Customer Profiles.
Polygon Demographic Profiles.
Market Potential Reports.
Deal Validation.
Warehousing and Distribution.
Disposition Services.

Retail Property Owner Service

Retail property owners need and deserve a personalized approach. We offer our services as a representative of the owner to maximize value by leveraging the capital they have invested – whether it’s a single market asset or a multi-market portfolio. We provide qualified professionals from every retail specialty area – management, leasing, consulting and investment properties – to work as a team and perform on our behalf.

We serve developers, institutions and private investors with the following:
Brokerage Services, Sales & Leasing.
Corporate Partnership.
Property Management.
Investment Advisory Services.
Financial Advisory Services.
Consumer Marketing.
Construction Management.
Developer Services.
Consulting Services.

Specialized Retail Services

We recognize that “One size does not fit all”. We offer specialized services in tune with the needs of specific retail categories.

Some of the specialized services we offer are as follows:
Anchor Retailers.
Food & Drug.
Mixed-Use Properties.
Neighbourhood Centres.
Retail Corporate Services.
Urban Retail.

For us, retailing is much more than “space” or a “place to do business.” Retail real estate is an environment. And while the business drivers behind a retail real estate decision may be somewhat predictable, the physical and psychological forces that conspire to create the ideal environment for each client vary significantly. Understanding these variations, no matter how subtle, is an important component of the value we bring. It’s what allows us to help our clients make the right decision – whether they’re evaluating a new location, prospective tenant or investment opportunity, let us provide you with a strategic solution.