Trunkey Interiors

Right Interiors creates a perfect ambiance, it is an age old mantra that the growth of an organization depends upon able management and efficient employees. It has also been proved all over the globe that the finest and the best performing companies provide excellent work spaces that help the employees and motivate them to learn, focus, collaborate and deliver. So it is imperative for organizations to create a perfect ambiance that encourage the employees to perform well and also boost the image and prosperity of the organization besides maintaining its corporate identity.

The interiors must be set up in accordance to bring in the positive energy so that the entire office atmosphere and environment will be conductive to motivate the employees as well as cheer the customers.

Further, in today’s competitive business scenario, the available space has to be utilised in the most efficient manner. Poorly designed Layout may not only result in underutilization of the available space, but also hamper the performance as the employees struggle to cope with their daily tasks.

The different aspects of Corporate Interiors:

Space planning plays a crucial role in designing corporate layouts. A clutter free design will not only results in providing a perfect ambiance but also paves the way for clear and clean spaces.

When creating a design / layout for the corporate, space planning that includes Accommodation and the Business requirements of the client have to be carefully analysed in detail. While the Accommodation covers average square feet per person, number of people going to occupy the available space, number of individual cabins, corridor widths, conference rooms, receptions, etc..,

Business requirements vary from organization to organization in tune with the modern trends.

Besides, sound transmission, fire safety, lighting and illumination, proper ventilation, air control, flow of natural air and light, flooring, right furniture and fittings, colors of the walls as well as the furnishings and easy access have to be ensured to reflect the corporate image of the organization.

In recent times the effect of Vaasthu Sastra has been grossly felt in the corporate circles. Vaasthu Sastra has become an essential component of the interior design. Whatever may be the designs, one has to ensure that the layout entirely compiles with Vaasthu Sastra, be it designing the interiors for a new office or carrying out the modifications of the existing layout. The fact remains that no business house wants to take any chance.